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Delivering Value to Your Logging Business

The Georgia Forestry Association is focused on protecting your ability to freely and efficiently conduct business while addressing issues that impact your bottom line. As a GFA member, it is our promise to keep you and your business protected, connected and empowered. Here are just a few ways that we are working to drive value to Georgia’s logging and transportation sector.

Improving Supply Chain Efficiency

Decreasing costs associated with transportation

  • Funded research at UGA to identify the driving factors for increases in log truck insurance premiums.
  • Funding research at UGA to quantify the safety and cost efficiencies gained of log trucks having access to the interstate highway system and increasing legal load weights by two (2) tons.
  • Exploring opportunities for a pre-inspection program with the Department of Public Safety.

Advocating at the State & Local Level

Decreasing unwarranted harvesting costs

  • Tackling over-reaching county ordinances that negatively impact the efficiency and costs of harvest and haul operations.
  • Regularly engaging with local governments who restrict road access for log trucks.
  • Championed legislation to create more uniformity and efficiency in county timber harvest notifications (House Bill 199, 2015 & House Bill 895, 2020)

Meaningful Learning Opportunities

Providing you with business solutions

  • Organized the Forest Logistics Summit to discuss solutions related to transportation efficiency, log truck insurance and safety regulation.
  • Organized expert speakers on captive insurance programs and logger safety training at GFA meetings.

Telling the Forestry Story

Ensuring a future workforce in the logging sector

  • Highlighting careers in harvesting and log truck driving through virtual reality experiences for all public school students through a partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting.
  • Supporting the efforts of technical colleges across the state to develop log truck driver training programs.

Interested in Becoming a GFA Member?

Or contact us at 478-992-8110 or at info@gfagrow.org for more information.

It is important that our local and state politicians understand the importance of logging to the forestry supply chain. GFA protects our ability to efficiently and effectively operate while providing common-sense solutions to our industry’s greatest challenges.

Mike and Justin Justice
Justice Enterprises, Inc.