Emerging Leaders

Developing New Champions of Forestry in Communities Throughout Georgia

Emerging Leaders (EL) is GFA’s young professionals program that provides leadership development and a social network to a wide variety of forestry professionals across the state. The EL group is open to all individuals who are seeking to build their forestry career while honing their leadership skills.  

“By helping young professionals in our industry build an extensive network in the forestry community, expand their knowledge of the forestry supply chain, and become confident speakers, the Emerging Leaders program is creating new Champions of Forestry who will guide our industry over the next 50 years.” Andres Villegas, President & CEO of the Georgia Forestry Association

What Can You Expect?

The group typically meets four to five times a year, including meetings that coincide with the Association’s major annual events – Forestry Day at the Capitol and the GFA Annual Conference. Other functions of the group include:
  • Custom Leadership Training / Seminars
  • Social networking events
  • Opportunities to participate in state and national leadership conferences and programs (i.e. Leadercast, Advancing Georgia’s Leaders in Ag & Forestry at UGA, Regional and State Forestry Seminars)
  • Volunteer Projects (i.e. Habitat for Humanity)

Join Today!

Joining is completely free and easy. Simply add your name below and you are added to the list! If you have any questions about Emerging Leaders, contact Zach Clifton at zach@gfagrow.org

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Being part of GFA’s Emerging Leaders Group has helped me keep my momentum with growing my industry knowledge, leadership skills, and professional network since graduating college. Beyond the skills I’ve gained, I have continued and expanded on the invaluable and genuine relationships with both my peers and more seasoned professionals within our industry.”

Shawn DeRome
2019 Emerging Leaders Chair