Healthy Markets


Demand for forest products at every stage of growth is a key factor to long term economic and environmental sustainability.

GFA advocates for healthy domestic and international markets for forest products and unencumbered access to markets for raw materials and finished goods.



Sustainable Development Carbon Registry

HB 355, sponsored by Rep. Marcus Wiedower, would establish a Sustainable Development Carbon Registry, creating an incentive for developers to utilize products that sequester carbon like wood.
HB 355 Issue Brief

Updating Mass Timber Building Codes

HB 777, sponsored by Rep. John Corbett, will expedite Georgia’s adoption of the 2021 International Building Codes’ tall mass timber provisions, which will allow construction of mass timber buildings up to 18 stories tall (the current building code is limited to six-stories). This legislation has been passed by both chambers and heads to the Governor's desk for approval.
HB 777 Issue Brief

Global Markets

Advocacy focus on issues related to the trade of raw materials and finished goods through Georgia ports to global markets.

Ending Local Lumber Bans

Successful passage of House Bill 876 helped to end the practice of local government’s
banning the use of wood in construction.

Promoting the use of Mass Timber in Georgia

Through funding from the Georgia Forestry Foundation, we are working with architects, builders, engineers, and elected officials to increase the knowledge and awareness of mass timber technology.

Ecosystem Services Markets

Through funding from the Georgia Forestry Foundation, we are working to identify market based incentives for direct forest landowners for management practices within specific watersheds to ensure water quality standards for local water authorities.


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Tom Beyer

Vice President of Government Affairs