Protecting Your Land and Your Legacy

The Georgia Forestry Association is focused on protecting your ability to effectively and efficiently manage your land while increasing the value of your forestland today and for future generations. As a GFA member, it is our promise to keep you and your business protected, connected and empowered. Here are just a few ways that we are driving value back to private forest landowners in Georgia.

Local, State & Federal Advocacy

  • Lowering your property taxes by pursuing and refining state and federal tax policy that recognizes the long-term investment nature of owning timberland.
  • Protecting your assets by developing policy that focuses on providing increased security for private land and discourages theft of timber, pine straw and palmetto berries.
  • Lowering harvesting costs by discouraging unwarranted ordinances from local government related to timber harvest notification and road access that severely impede supply chain efficiency.
  • Increasing the value of your timber by developing policy that encourage healthy markets for forest products.

Promoting Healthy Markets

  • Increasing demand for your timber
    • Advancing the market for lumber in Georgia by promoting the use of mass timber technology among builders, architects and engineers.
    • Removing regulatory barriers to the use of mass timber in local ordinances and state building codes.
    • Focusing on issues related to the trade of raw materials and finished goods through Georgia ports to global markets.
  • Developing new non-timber income opportunities for your land by establishing markets for ecosystem services provided by private landowners (i.e. water, carbon, etc.)

Telling the Story of the Forestry

We are focused on building a better informed public that is supportive of your working forests. We do this by educating Georgia students, through a partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting, on the concept of private land ownership and the stewardship of private landowners in managing their forests for clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat and wood products.

Providing Valuable Resources

We want you to have the tools to effectively and efficiently manage your land. Through relevant communications and meaningful seminars and events, we connect landowners with valuable resources and a network of credible forestry experts that help them to better manage their land.

Interested in Becoming a GFA Member?

Or contact us at 478-992-8110 or at for more information.

As a private landowner and tree farmer it is important that I stay up to date with the latest news and information impacting the management of my land. GFA serves as an excellent source of credible information while also championing forest landowners at the local, state and federal level. From serving as the first woman on the GFA board, I have seen the drive that goes into these efforts and it is truly unmatched!

Lynda Beam
TooHolly Tree Farm