Hurricane Irma Safety

September 8, 2017

Dear GFA, FFA, & SWPA Members, 

Our sincerest thoughts and prayers are with anyone who finds himself in the path of Hurricane Irma. While we at GFA, FFA, and SWPA are hoping for the best, we want everyone to be as prepared as possible for the worst case scenario. Your personal safety comes first. Tractors and trailers can be replaced, you cannot. That is why we have taken some time to compile the below tips and advice for Georgia and Florida’s logging community who will be potentially impacted by the storm. We hope you find this helpful as you brace for Irma.  

  • Resist the urge to harvest until the very last moment, and instead use that valuable time to prepare for the storm. 
  • Move equipment out of the woods, if possible, or to higher ground at the very least. 
  • Although it may not be feasible to move all equipment to the shop, all equipment should be moved to paved roads and onto firm open areas away from trees, power lines, unsecured structures, and other hazards.
  • Make sure all trailers are unloaded ahead of the storm. 
  • If you park equipment next to a building, try to park on the northeast side of the building as the strongest winds from a hurricane typically come from the south and west. 
  • Remove or secure loose items from a harvest site that could potentially be washed away by flooding.
  • Remove all oil, fuel, lube, and other fluid containers as well as trash from the logging site. 
  • Make sure that all employees cell numbers are up-to-date, so that information can be distributed as needed.  Assign one person to oversee distribution of information.
  • Be mindful of increased roadway traffic caused by hurricane evacuees.

Please stay current on the path of the storm, and more importantly, please do all you can to protect your own personal safety. 
Stay safe,

Andres Villegas
President & CEO
Georgia Forestry Association

Alan Shelby
Executive Vice President
Florida Forestry Association

Tommy Carroll
Executive Director 
Southeaster Wood Producers Association



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