House Bill 189 Letter of Support

Sign a Letter of Support to Governor Brian Kemp

House Bill 189, sponsored by Rep. Steven Meeks (R-Screven) provides a modest weight increase 4,000 lbs. for trucks hauling Georgia grown forest products, bringing the total allowable gross vehicle weight (GVW) to 88,000 lbs. (or 80,000 lbs. + 10% variance) from the current law of 84,000 lbs. (or 80,000 lbs. + 5% variance).

With increasing economic pressure on the forest products sector and the expiration of Governor Brian Kemp’s Executive Order allowing trucks to haul 95,000 lbs. GVW, it is critical that HB 189 pass to allow Georgia businesses to remain economically competitive. Sign on to the letter below by filling out the form at the bottom of the page and clicking “submit”. For questions, contact Vice President of Engagement Matt Hestad at

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