Georgia Commodity
Trucking Coalition

Addressing Critical Issues for the Commodity Trucking & Logistics Sector in Georgia

The trucking and logistics sector is under enormous pressure today, not just for any one industry or commodity, but for the broader Georgia economy. The ability to get products to market efficiently and profitably over our roadways underpins commerce of the entire state and will be critical for Georgia to remain the #1 state to do business.

The Georgia Commodity Trucking Coalition has formed to address the long-term health and vitality of our state’s trucking economy and to put forward solutions that will help keep GA the #1 state for business.


Maximize Transportation Efficiency

  • Georgia has the lowest gross vehicle weights in the southeast, presenting challenges for efficiently moving raw materials and goods to market.
  • Increasing allowable hauling weights to match our surrounding states (90,000 lbs GVW) will improve supply chain efficiency, and it will improve safety by taking unnecessary trips off the road as well.
  • Recognizing the benefits lift axles provide in improved weight distribution will also unlock transportation efficiencies.

Address Critical Labor & Insurance Challenges

  • Addressing the statewide driver shortage by increasing investments in our technical colleges and vocational schools to bring more newly trained drivers into the workforce
  • Tackling rising insurance premiums by exploring opportunities such as driver training programs that make it easier for new drivers to get insured.

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If you are interested in learning more about the Georgia Commodity Trucking Coalition and how you can be more involved, please contact us.

Tom Beyer

Vice President of Government Affairs