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Georgia Forestry Commission

GFC is an Innovative Forestry Leader in a Leading Forestry State


Did you know Georgia is the #1 forestry state in the nation? GFC helps protect and conserve Georgia’s plentiful forest resources. We provide leadership, services, and educational resources for landowners, communities, and other agencies.

Our headquarters is in Dry Branch, Georgia. We also have district and county offices throughout the state. The director of the GFC is known as the state forester. GFC provides a wide variety of services, including:

• Fire Detection
• Issuing Burn Permits
• Wildfire Suppression and Prevention Services
• Emergency and Incident Command System Expertise
• Rural Fire Department Assistance
• Forest Management help for Landowners and Communities
• The Marketing and use of Forest Resources and Nature Services
• Growing and Selling quality Tree Seedlings for Planting

GFC is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.


We Envision Healthy Forests for a More Sustainable Future.

Healthy and abundant forests that support a robust industry while providing social, environmental and financial benefits to all of Georgia.


We provide leadership, service and education to protect and conserve Georgia’s forest resources.

GFC works to promote, protect and conserve healthy, sustainable forests.

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