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F&W Forestry Services

F&W Forestry Services, Inc. is an international forestry consulting firm with over 55 years of experience managing and valuing forestland. F&W's active land management and sustainable practices are tailored to meet each client's goals. With an experienced leadership team and more than 100 advanced-degree professionals operating in forests throughout the U.S., South America, and Europe, F&W provides clients a unique opportunity to ensure reliable and standardized operations management services across a broad geography. Local forest management teams follow a common set of operating procedures and reporting standards to ensure clients have a consistent view of their timberland properties. F&W emphasizes a culture of "doing what we say we will do," where our staff understands that plans are only as good as the execution on the ground. The company's network includes 33 offices across the United States, Scotland, England, Wales, France, Brazil, and Uruguay.

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Services Description

F&W’s dedicated team of expert foresters and support staff utilize state-of-the-art technology to assist you with a customized and comprehensive solution to fit your individual needs. Our vast service offerings include:

  • Property Management – Extensive land management services to help you achieve your land ownership objectives.
  • Field Support – Services for TIMOs, REITs, and other large landowners to support your team by increasing efficiency to achieve your management goals.
  • Forestry Inventory & Mapping – Services to support management planning and activities, timberland transactions, and other information needs.
  • Technical Services – Cost-effective access to largescale technical, accounting, and information support capabilities for TIMOs, REITs, and other large landowners.
  • Real Estate Services – Land marketing experts that help landowners of timberland, recreational land and rural estates of all sizes connect with buyers worldwide.

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Chief Operating Officer

Jody Strickland

Chief Business Officer

Stephen Logan, RF

Chief Information Officer

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