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Koppers Utility & Industrial Products, a division of Koppers, Inc., is the largest American-owned provider of wood utility poles and cross-arms. KUIP is also a leading provider of marine piling and construction-related products. By combining the manufacturing capabilities of our specialized production facilities and the expertise of an established company, we provide readily available treated utility poles and piling products. With core competencies centered on wood preservation, Koppers offers customers unique end-to-end solutions from wood preservation chemicals, to finished products, to end-of-life disposal

Making A Utility Pole with Koppers

Each year Koppers Utility & Industrial Products harvests hundreds of thousands of trees. Maintaining a steady supply of quality products starts with how we manage our operations in the forest.

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KUIP Timber Procurement Practices

Manufacturing quality poles and crossarms begins with harvesting only the finest wood, grown in accordance with proper timber management procedures, with stringent adherence to industry standards. KUIP sources wood from forests nationwide, working with multiple tree species depending upon the designated use of the pole and the length, class and framing requirements of our customers.

Joey Wheat

Purchasing Manager

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