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Serving the Forest Industry Since 1971

Forestry Mutual Insurance Company has been a trusted leader in providing insurance coverage to the wood products industry for over fifty years. Founded in 1971, Forestry Mutual has been dedicated to serving the insurance needs of businesses involved in logging, sawmills, pulp and paper mills, and related industries.


With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and risk management, Forestry Mutual has established itself as a reliable partner for businesses in the wood products industry. They offer a comprehensive range of insurance products, including property and liability coverage, workers’ compensation, and more.

Forestry Mutual understands the unique risks associated with the wood products industry and has tailored its coverage to meet the specific needs of its clients. They have a team of experienced underwriters and claims professionals who work closely with clients to ensure they have the right coverage for their business.

Forestry Mutual’s commitment to their customers is evident in its excellent customer service and dedication to providing innovative insurance solutions. As a result, they have built a strong reputation in the industry and continue to be a leader in providing insurance coverage to the wood products industry.

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Bill Dine, AAI

President & CEO

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