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Enviva is a leading global renewable energy company specializing in sustainable wood bioenergy. Our mission is to displace coal, grow more trees, and fight climate change.

Using Sustainable Practices to Produce Wood Pellets

We make our wood pellets using sustainable practices that protect Southern forests. Although Enviva does not own any forests, we play an important role in helping U.S. forests thrive and grow, promoting sustainable forest management, creating a strong market for second-tier wood in the United States, and addressing climate change globally.

Addressing the Greatest Challenge of Our Time

Climate change is one of the greatest environmental, social and economic challenges facing the world today. As a renewable energy company, we help the world’s energy producers substantially reduce their carbon emissions.

Our Value

Enviva uses sustainably sourced, low-value wood to manufacture wood pellets, a renewable fuel source that generates electricity and heat around the world.

Jason Eberstein

Vice President, Government Relations

Jacob Westfall

Manager, Communications and Public Relations

Rick Frederick

Community Relations Manager, Gulf Coast Region

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