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Get the Maximum Profits and Enjoyment from Your Forest Land

By choosing the most advanced genetics available now, you can ensure you will be covered no matter what happens in the timber market in the future. You’ll be prepared to sell anything from pulp to sawtimber – whichever is most profitable when you’re ready to harvest.

Reliably Turn $1 into $17

Our state-of-the-art Seedling Revenue Calculator enables you to calculate different scenarios for planting seedlings on your land – including how investing an additional $1 can return $17. You can also sign up for a private demo with an expert who can help you map out different scenarios so you can decide what’s best for you.

Jason Watson

Reforestation Advisors

(404) 840-7489

Paul Jeffreys, Ph.D.

Western Tennessee, Northern Alabama, Mississippi

(205) 712-9582

Geoffery Lee Hill

Georgia, Virginia, Eastern Tennessee

(912) 655-1725

Jason Cromer

Gulf Coast, Southern Alabama


Shannon Stewart

Eastern Texas,
Southern Louisiana

(936) 239-6189

Lux Davis

Business Specialist,

(877) 600-8015

Kylie Burdette


(864) 650-4454

Thomas Jackson


(803) 767-1317

Greg Hay

Northern Louisiana



We understand how critical it is for you to get your 25-year reforestation decision right. Whether it’s pine or hardwoods, we’re beside you every step of the way to help you make the best choice to get the most of your land. With scientifically proven results & statistical data, we can show you without a doubt which seedlings to plant to ensure you make the most sound financial choice.

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