There will be a total of 40 booths available for the Forestry Expo. Deadline to register as an exhibitor is May 29. For a printable Exhibitor Registration Package click here →

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College


ABAC’s Department of Forest Resources has a long history of serving private and public employers in forestry and wildlife. The Department administers associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in Forestry and Wildlife through its use of the Nature Study Area on the 200-acre Woodroof Farm, many cooperative land owners and dedicated facilities in Yow Hall. The courses include many experiential learning opportunities which make the curricula very application oriented. ABAC is the home of the Natural Resource Conservation Workshop, which celebrated its 50th year in 2011. ABAC – serving forest resources through serving young people.

American Forest Management

American Forest Management, Inc. (AFM) is one of the largest forest resource consulting and management firms with offices in the Southeast, Northeast, Gulf, Lake States, Appalachian and Pacific Northwest Regions of the US.  AFM currently manages over 5.1 million acres of privately owned timberland and has sold over $1.98 billion of timberland, development, recreational and HBU properties in more than 2,274 individual real estate transactions totaling over one million acres.  The staff of 260 includes forestry professionals operating from 49 offices in 16 states. AFM offers a full range of forestry services including land management, investment analysis, timberland sale and acquisition services, appraisals, enhanced decision support, growth and yield modeling, soils mapping, wetland delineation, Phase I environmental assessments, conservation easement appraisals, forest inventory and design, acquisition due diligence, forest resource data management, accounting services and harvest scheduling and analysis.

Arborgen Inc.


ArborGen, Inc. is the largest supplier of quality, genetically improved pine seedlings in the world. Our integrated research staff, labs, seed orchards and seed extraction plants, seven nurseries, and sales personnel are here to serve you. We can supply your pine reforestation needs from Varietals to Mass-Controlled crosses to Open Pollinated families. We can also help with your hardwood seedling needs by providing over 65 species of trees and wildlife shrubs. Our Georgia SuperTree Nursery grows bareroot seedlings and our Bellville SuperTree Nursery grows containerized stock. Our sole business is tree improvement/breeding, seedling production, and sales but our primary focus is our customers’ satisfaction. Stop by our booth and let’s talk trees.

Blue Source

Blue Source is the longest running carbon offset developer and marketer in North America, with a history of successful offset sales going back to 1996. To date, Blue Source has conducted some of the largest known voluntary offset trades by both volume and value and has listed and registered more carbon projects and offset volume on leading North American carbon registries than any other organization.

With the launch of California’s groundbreaking cap and trade climate legislation, forest owners across the US have significant opportunity for new revenues from carbon offset credits generated by their timber holdings. As one of the first four accepted offset protocols, economically viable forest carbon projects are now possible for a variety of forest owners, land trusts, REITs and TIMOs.

With more forest projects and credits listed, registered and sold on the Climate Action Reserve than any other company, Blue Source’s proven success in carbon marketing and project development uniquely positions the Company as a leader in both forest carbon and the California compliance market.

Blue Source’s team of foresters provides free project opportunity assessments and turnkey project development services, overseeing and financing every activity from forest carbon inventory to third party verification to final sale of credits. This approach enables landowners to eliminate upfront project development time, expense and risk while fully maximizing their potential upside from rising carbon prices. – See more at: http://bluesource.com/Forestry#sthash.0pfTnPBm.dpuf

Davis-Garvin Insurance Agency

Davis-Garvin Insurance Agency is a full service independent insurance agency incorporated in 1981.  Headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina we have branch offices in Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi.  From these offices we serve all states throughout the Southeast. As an independent agency we have access to multiple insurance companies that help us meet your insurance needs.  We offer a full range of insurance products and services including Commercial Lines (ex. Workers Compensation, General Liability, Auto), Employee Benefits (ex. Health, Life, Dental) and Personal Lines (ex. Homeowners, Personal Auto, Umbrella). We have several specialty programs for the Forest Products Industry including Logging (all lines of coverage), Logging Equipment, Hunt Club Liability, Timberland Liability, Consulting Foresters Liability, Standing Timber and Reforestation. We are proudly endorsed by the Georgia Forestry Association and other state and regional associations. Please visit our website at www.davisgarvin.com

Dougherty & Dougherty Forestry Services

ddfsDougherty and Dougherty Forestry Services (DDFSI) manages forest land for private forest landowners in the Southeastern U.S. Our land management staff is composed of college-educated, field-trained, and licensed forestry professionals. All staff members share a vision of achieved excellence and a stated goal of reaching each individual landowner objectives. Collectively, our desire is to achieve our well-established mantra of “Progressive Forestry Management on Private Land™”.

Farm Credit Associations of Georgia


Georgia Farm Credit Associations have been loaning money to farmers and rural homeowners throughout Georgia for more than 85 years. All types of loans for agriculture-real estate, equipment, livestock, timber, operating needs, crop production, home construction, mortgages, refinances… and a whole lot more!

Forestry & ROW Services

Forestry_Row Logo_No Lines

Forestry & ROW Services provides safe, effective programs for vegetation management within the following scope of service, including forestry brush control, forestry management service, DOT roadside programs, utility brush control, industrial vegetation management, invasive plant control, and aquatic weed control.

Forestry & ROW Services uses GPS technology to help our clients extend the reach of their data collection and GIS activities. We understand that the need for accountability and our ability to work with Shape Files enables us to save our clients time and money.

Forestry Mutual Insurance Co.

forestry mutual

Forestry Mutual was established in 1971 to help loggers obtain affordable workers compensation insurance. Since inception Forestry Mutual has always had a strong emphasis on loss control. Both the President and Vice-President started out in loss control in the early eighties. Since becoming a mutual, Forestry Mutual is now in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and recently obtained a license to operate in Georgia. It has always been the mission of Forestry Mutual to be more than an insurance company. Being a mutual, the policy holders own our company. Forestry Mutual has an experience-driven understanding of the forest industry. Since inception in 1971 we have enjoyed being a niche company who understands the needs of the forest products industry.

Georgia Agribusiness Council

The Georgia Agribusiness Council (GAC) is the state’s leading trade association for agribusiness interests.  GAC provides a forum for the entire agricultural industry to share views, develop understanding and work on issues of common concern. We currently represent a membership of over 900 businesses and individuals, and each one brings a unique voice to the table. Our mission: “To Advance the Business of Agriculture through Economic Development, Environmental Stewardship and Education to Enhance the Quality of Life for All Georgians.” 

Georgia Forestry Commission



The Georgia Forestry Commission provides leadership, service, and education in the protection and conservation of Georgia’s forest resources so that healthy, sustainable forests will produce clean air, clean water and abundant products. Visit www.gatrees.org for more information.

Georgia SFI Implementation Committee


The Georgia Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program is a comprehensive system of principles, objectives, and performance measures that integrates the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees with the protection of wildlife, plants, soils, and water quality.  SFI is based on the premise that responsible environmental practices can be integrated to the benefit of landowners, shareholders, customers, and the people they serve.  For more information, call Chase Cook at 706-542- 7691 or visit www.sfi-georgia.org.

International Forest Company

IFCO horiz

Not all seedlings are created equal. Do you know performance rating of your seedlings? Visit our website to learn why it is important: www.internationalforest.co.

International Forest Company (IFCO) is now celebrating 32 years of container seedling production. IFCO offers high quality genetic seedlings to landowners, TIMO’s, government agencies, tree planters and consultants across the Southeast United States. IFCO specializes in Longleaf (Montane and Coastal seed sources as well as Improved), Loblolly (Coastal and Piedmont Open Pollinated seed sources as well as Control Mass Pollinated (CMP)), and Slash (CMP and Open Pollinated). IFCO also produces Shortleaf and Virginia Pine, Eucalyptus and understory species such as wiregrass.

IFCO has nursery locations in Moultrie, Georgia and DeRidder, Louisiana For assistance in your next forestry project contact our office: 1-800-633-4506 and ask for one of our professionals: Wayne Bell, Chris Johnston, Nick Muir or Jim Tule.

Land Mark Spatial Solutions


At LandMark Spatial Solutions, our simple goal in business is to help companies like yours become more profitable through the use of technology. We have developed industry-leading GPS and Forest Inventory solutions that are helping our clients minimize errors, be more accurate in their acreage, tree count, tree measurement, and timber volume estimations, be more efficient in the field and office, and achieve more professional results at the end of the day.

Meeks Farms and Nursery

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.27.43 AM

Meeks Farms & Nursery, Inc. is a primary producer of containerized pine seedlings. Improved Longleaf, Advanced Generation Loblolly and Slash Pines are produced using state of the art growing systems and a family oriented commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We operate the largest family owned container pine nursery in the South with annual production approaching 14 million trees.

Mossy Oak Properties

Mossy Oak Properties is a division of Mossy Oak which is the world’s most recognized and trusted outdoor brand.  Our network of land specialists are just like you: folks that understand and have a passion for land and the outdoors. Our office is a Full-service brokerage based in Georgia, specializing in rural land, recreational land, farmland, and timberland. Our staff of Land Specialist includes registered foresters, licensed surveyors, and land planners. We combine a national advertising presents with local expertise in order to help our clients maximize their investments, weather it be evaluating and acquiring the right property or using our extensive marketing program and market knowledge to get the most out of their exiting investments.

Native Forest Nursery

Native Forest Nursery

Native Forest Nursery is located eleven miles south of Chatsworth, GA at the intersection of Highway 411 and the Coosawattee River. We offer 2nd Generation and 3rd Cycle genetically improved Piedmont and Upper Coastal pine seedlings and over fifty native hardwood species. In addition to this, our seedlings are cultivated to meet the specifications of the individual customer and are then hand lifted to help ensure the maximum retention of the root system. With the capacity to grow 35,000,000 seedlings, this nursery location has been producing seedlings since 1974. Reefer delivery and reefer drops at your site are available and be sure to ask about our contract terms. Contact Paul Ensminger at (706) 483-3397 or visit us at our website – NATIVEFORESTNURSERY.com.

Pennington Seed

Pennington Logo

Founded in Madison, GA in 1945, Pennington Seed is a leading marketer, manufacturer and distributor of residential and professional turf grass, forage grasses, and wildlife seed. Pennington’s Durana white clover has filled a useful niche in the forestry industry providing erosion control, tree nutrition, and wildlife feed and habitat increasing hunting lease value. For more information, visit www.penningtonusa.com.



Pinova is the industry leader in providing rosin and polyterpene resin innovations for over a century. Formerly Hercules Specialty Resins, we are the trusted choice of the world’s foremost companies for specialty rosins and polyterpene resins when performance is critical. For over a century, we have provided premium performance rosin resins and polyterpene resins to meet the exacting standards of customers worldwide. Customers in over 100 countries use Pinova’s quality resins to ensure their products perform consistently in a wide variety of specialized markets, including adhesives, construction, food and beverage, and agriculture.

Plum Creek


Plum Creek Timber is the largest and most geographically diverse private landowner in the nation with more than 7 million acres of timberlands in 19 states. Plum Creek owns over 784,000 acres of timberland in Georgia. We practice sustainable forestry; all of our lands have been third party certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Plum Creek is publicly traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol PCL.

Red River Specialties Inc.

Red River Specialties, Inc. offers professional expertise in providing safe and effective solutions for land management objectives, in all forage markets including Forestry, IVM, and Range and Pasture. RRSI provides prescriptive control for weeds and brush, and noxious weeds with application timing for products utilizing herbicides, insecticides, adjuvants and fertilizers to meet the needs of the land manager. Our experienced representatives of Red River Specialties can supply the products and services needed by applicators, dealers, land managers and landowners. Timing is critical in getting the job done right. Red River Specialties’ superior service delivers the correct product when you need it, ensuring an accurate and timely application. Visit: www.rris.com.

Stone Forestry Services, Inc.

stone forestry

Stone Forestry Services include tree planting, land reclamation, forestry operations, wetlands mitigation, wildlife enhancement, herbicide application, banded application by hand, licensed & certified commercial chemical application, forestry right-of-way maintenance, labor solutions, nature trail and boardwalk construction, temporary skilled and unskilled labor, laboratory work, seed harvesting & pollenation and seedling packaging. Put our experienced, reliable team to work on your forestry needs. Please visit our booth or call us at 706-398-9290.

Superior Forestry Service, Inc.

Superior Forestry Service, Inc. is the largest reforestation contractor working year-round in the eastern United States. We provide hand planting, herbicide application, ROW maintenance, pre-commercial thinning, boundary marking, and other agricultural services. SFS can provide crews for all your labor needs; we are fully insured and in compliance with MSPA and all DOL, INS and IRS regulations. References available. Visit our website!

Swamp Fox Insurance Agency


Swamp Fox Agency has been providing insurance solutions and risk management products to the forestry industry since 1986. Our offices are in Moncks Corner, SC and Pooler, GA. We are the only endorsed agency to the South Carolina Timber Producers Association. We are members of American Loggers Council, Georgia Forestry Association, and Southeastern Wood Producers Association. Our expertise means that property owners, loggers, wood dealers, saw mills, hunt clubs and contract haulers can find competitive solutions to complex demands. We provide broad insurance solutions that meet the risk transfer needs of today’s forestry industry; where the risk management needs are becoming increasingly complex. Regulatory, contractual and economic issues enable Swamp Fox Agency to counsel our clients on these issues. We work with you to find the appropriate solutions.

Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources


The University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources prepares leaders in the conservation and sustainable management of forests and other renewable natural resources.  Students earn degrees in four major areas: forestry, fisheries and wildlife, natural resources recreation and tourism, and water and soil resources.  As the second smallest school on campus, Warnell offers an experience-focused learning environment and multiple research opportunities that enable students, faculty and natural resource professionals to work together to discover new and improved ways to restore our earth’s resources.   Our program is strengthened by engaged alumni and friends who support our School and give generously of their time and financial means.

Weyerhaeuser Company

Established in Aiken, SC in 1986, Weyerhaeuser Company serves the reforestation and land enhancement needs of landowners, forestry consultants, and tree planting vendors in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. Along with unmatched customer service, “Faster, Straighter, Stronger” are tree qualities you can expect when you buy Premium Seedlings from Weyerhaeuser.

Whitfield Farms & Nursery

Whitfield Farms & Nursery is one of the larger growers of containerized longleaf pine seedlings in the Southeast! As a family owned business, we strive to produce the best pine seedlings available for your forest restoration needs. Our number one goal is to provide the best quality seedlings and services to our customers. We understand the long-term investment of growing pines and want all our customers to be completely satisfied. You will find personal, quality service at Whitfield Farms & Nursery. Visit us at WhitfieldPineSeedlings.com.

The owner, F. Bennett Whitfield is a multiple generation farmer with over 19 years’ experience in raising containerized pine seedlings and 36 years of row crop farming.

Wildlife Resources Division, Georgia DNR


OUR MISSION: Conserve, enhance and promote Georgia’s fish and wildlife resources and outdoor heritage through sciencedriven research, management, regulation and education. OUR GOALS: Carry forward a foundation of wildlife conservation through the management and restoration of fish, wildlife and their habitats and continue to increase our understanding of these resources. Improve funding and policy for fish and wildlife conservation. Increase participation in hunting, fishing, and wildlife-based recreation, and instill conservation values in the public. Achieve excellence in conservation education and training

Yancey Bros. Co.


Headquartered in Austell, GA, Yancey Bros. Co. is recognized as the nation’s oldest Caterpillar dealer, celebrating its Centennial anniversary in 2014. Family owned and operated for over 100 years, Yancey offers Caterpillar and Blue Bird products, parts and service across the state of Georgia. Our team of committed employees strives to deliver unmatched customer service through 25 facilities in 19 Georgia communities.