Funding for Friends of Forestry

Just as a forester or a logger would not go into the woods without the necessary tools of his trade, an organization attempting to influence public policy also must utilize every tool at its disposal to get the job done. For GFA to sustain and increase its effectiveness as a player in the political process, a well-funded PAC is a necessary tool for GFA’s government affairs ‘tool chest’.

2016-19 Strategy

Through 2016-19, we will grow our giving base to not only continue supporting our existing allies, but also reach out more aggressively to others who will be supportive of our future.

  1. Continue supporting existing “friends of forestry” in the political arena.
  2. Cultivate new “friends of forestry.”
  3. Have a presence in statewide elections.
  4. Generate a “return on investment” to our donors.

Return on Investment

All donors will receive regular communications on the activities of the PAC via email, and recipients of ForestPAC donations will be encouraged to work with GFA to send thank-you video messages to PAC donors.

Select groups of contributors will also receive access to political leaders to personally deliver contributions and engage in direct dialog regarding the issues of importance to the forestry community through events.

Donate to ForestPAC

We need your support. If you would like more information on donating to ForestPAC, contact Director of Government Affairs Tom Beyer at or download the donation form linked here.

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