Update: Georgia DNR Law Enforcement Division Consolidation, Fall Hunting Seasons

LE_BadgeIn 2013, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) created a new Law Enforcement Division to consolidate the law enforcement and public safety activities previously performed by various DNR divisions. DNR plans to complete the transition to a unified Law Enforcement Division by Aug. 1, 2018.

Within the course of the transition period, law enforcement personnel must decide whether to transfer to the new Law Enforcement Division, transfer to another state agency, or retire. With the transfer of 221 positions from the DNR Wildlife Resources Division in FY2014, most law enforcement personnel have already transitioned to the new division.

Since the consolidation in 2013, the the unified Law Enforcement Division has maintained a level of excellence in protecting Georgia’s natural resources.

DNR law enforcement personnel patrol over 37 million acres, 110 wildlife management areas, 65 state parks and historic sites, 12,000 miles of rivers, and 100 linear miles of shoreline. In FY2014, DNR personnel performed 54,828 checks on hunting and fishing licenses and 27,160 boat checks. DNR personnel led 2,759 educational programs, including 1,075 programs on hunting and 315 on boating safety.

DNR also performed 547 search-and-rescue operations, with 344 on water and 203 on land. Recently, the Law Enforcement Division became one of only ten other organizations nationwide to achieve accreditation on the Boat Operations and Training (BOAT) program.

About the DNR Law Enforcement Division

The Law Enforcement Division focuses on enforcing hunting, fishing, boating, and environmental laws, as well as promoting public safety on all DNR properties, such as state parks. Consolidation allows law enforcement operations to be more streamlined, establish a clearer chain of command, and employ more standardized training, equipment, and policies.

The Law Enforcement Division is organized into seven districts. The north, middle, and south regions of Georgia are each divided into two districts, totaling six across the state, with a seventh district along the Georgia coast. Click here to learn more →

Hunting Seasons for Fall


Statewide archery season for deer came in Sept. 12 and goes through Oct. 9. The firearms deer season statewide starts Oct. 10 and runs through Jan. 10.


The firearms bear season for the southern zone comes in Sept. 24 and out on Sept. 26, and again on Oct. 1-3 and Oct. 8-10. 


Squirrel season is in now through February 29 – limit 12 per day.  Alligator season by permit goes out October 5 – quota, one per permit. 


Opossum season goes from October 15 – February 29 – no limit. 


Raccoon comes in October 15 and stays in till February 29 – limit 3 per day. 


Rabbit season comes in November 14 and goes out February 29 – 12 per day.

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