Take Action! Sign Petition to Defend US Forestry Practices

Forest landowners and forestry-related businesses can help defend U.S. forestry practices by signing a petition and sending a message to European policy makers that strong markets for U.S. wood creates more forests, not less, and that the biomass market is helping to keep our forests healthy and robust.

The petition, which is targeted at select European Leaders and Policy Makers, is an effort of Forests America and the Forest Landowners Association. Those who wish to sign the petition should visit www.forestamerica.org, enter the requested information and click “Sign the Petition.”

Western European countries are using biomass energy (i.e. wood pellets) sourced from sustainable low-grade wood fiber to replace coal and reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. These governments, knowing the strong record of sustainability and reliability of the forest products industry in the U.S., have turned to private forest landowners in America to provide them with a sustainable supply of this renewable energy source.

European governments are being targeted by anti-biomass campaigns spearheaded by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Dogwood Alliance (see: “Green groups question benefits of biomass”). These campaigns spread misinformation about biomass sourcing and production and mislead the public about U.S. forestry practices, which could eliminate or dampen this market for sustainable low-grade wood fiber.

Even though the U.S. is home to the world’s most sustainable and available wood fiber supply, the misinformation being circulated has found its way into the mainstream media and is having an impact on the pending decisions of European governments on using biomass from the U.S.

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