Capitol Forestry Report: GFA Initiatives Receive Senate Approval

With only two legislative days left till adjournment on April 2, stay up to date on the latest forestry issues from the 2015 session of the Georgia General Assembly with the Georgia Forestry Association’s Capitol Forestry Report.

In this issue:

  • House Bill 255 “Green” Building and Georgia Grown Wood
  • House Bill 199: Harvest Notification
  • House Bill 411: Haul Weights
  • State Budget
    • Georgia Forestry Commission Funding
    • Forestry Outreach Funding
  • Bill Tracker
    • Ad Valorem Tax Reform
    • Feral Hog Control
    • Legalization of Fireworks
    • Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission Administrative Changes
    • Conservation Use Valuation Assessment (CUVA) Changes
    • Ad Valorem Tax Exemption for Farm Equipment Dealers
    • Auxiliary Containers
    • Workers Compensation

Read the full report here.

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